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Second Edition

Since Elihu records were incomplete and partially damaged, wear Additions from various fields of knowledge by the author to the audibility of at. The book of Elihu”opened surprising, but also entirely new insights into ancient wisdom to the reader and thus enabling new ways of thinking to a new worldview. “For example, the readers it is made aware, that of angels in the East” Guard stops in front of the paradise and what could thus have to. “Also, the question is dealt with what justification can tell God to job: and when I created the entire universe of people shipping niece, that not even a ripple on the surface of the creation!” Why does God (or the writers of the old testament) between the universe and creation here? All this is literary, even under Taoist style funds to understand and empathic brought out. In the book the boundaries between Elihu disappear the author but also the reader because the logical implications of the described events more and more, so that at the end not more clearly the person of Elihu to moor. Learn more at this site: figs scrubs. Who is Elihu? Perhaps the reader itself?” Wolfgang PETER by the forum for anthroposophy, Waldorf Education and Goetheanistischer science, even quantum chemist wrote in his review of the first edition: Elihu left records of the eternity of Wolfgang Wallner F. is an unusual, complex and very sensitively written book that full stands out from the average of new releases.

Touching and written with much warmth the storyline unfolds. . . . Deep questions about the origin of human existence are Elihu. How can he see themselves as separate individual individuals and yet at the same time inextricably be linked with the whole of the world? Sent the author intersperses repeatedly interrupting and explanations, which revolve around these issues.

These are never merely scholarly treatises, but you can feel the independent, personal struggle of the author with each row. . . . Invite you to linger, meditative, to further independent thought of what is posted here often only briefly. Wolfgang Wallner F. builds the bridge between religious beliefs and the worldview of modern physics, which has always still go unnoticed long nipped in the bud the classical materialist worldview that allows only the objective reality are, by many and paved the way for a much geistigeren conception of reality. Here and there the absolute borders between the part and the whole, blur and before you know it, you are even part of the or better, one with him, and more and more the question arises: who is really Elihu? Martin, the author, or perhaps the reader itself? . . .” But to explore even excerpts, more reviews, physical and philosophical background of a cult book and much more on the website: (“Wolfgang Wallner F. is author of several books, including the Joseph-the way to the Graal”, a book that has similar successes and will appear as an audiobook in 2009.) Elihu leave Records of eternity”; Second Edition, jbl literature shipping along, ISBN-10: 3902159138, ISBN-13: 978-3902159137 advanced Ferdinand Niehammer

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