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Social Trading Community

The community is the Fund Manager of the socialFolio index with starts in September 2013 a new kind of dull community. The user of the community actively decide what values are included in the Wikifolio social Tranig. The community is the Fund Manager. With this strategy we followed the philosophy of the wisdom of crowds. It is not something Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City would like to discuss. Decisions are taken in a group are often better and more successful than individual decisions.

For this reason, the community starts at the 01.09.2013. The certificate (the index) in October of long and black emitted and is to acquire this time on the Stuttgart stock exchange and direct trading in long and black. Users who take part in the votes on need to invest yourself in the securities to make decisions. This is also the big difference with the other “MitmachFonds”, which already exist in Germany. The participation is completely free. The members decide in weekly polls which values are recorded in the index.

The user deciding also the weighting. For securities of people interested in this type of trading is to pass his own ideas in the community a new way and to translate his ideas into this index. A certificate that is managed by members of the community, tradable on the stock exchange. The community decides what values are included in the certificate / funds. The certificate is by long & Black issued on the stock exchange and of lang & Schwarz tradable. Anyone can, nobody will invest. Objective: The community erziel a better return than many fund managers or index. lively exchange on the subject of shares and stock exchange. The community investment recommendations.

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