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Sohrestrasse On The Way To The Climate-neutral Residential

Monarchis developed together with heat Office Kanesha forward-looking concept New Ulm/Lohfelden In April 2008 the Monarchis Grundbesitz company had acquired mbH 17 houses 85 apartments in the Lohfeldener Sohrestrasse headquartered in Neu-Ulm. Already a tenant Festival in August last year Monarchis made it clear that among other things an eco-friendly wood chips heating plant was planned in relation to planned renovations. Now there are already very concrete plans, which will lead to carbon-neutral living as sustainably will reduce the heating and hot water costs. Together with the heat Office Kanesha from Kassel, Monarchis developed the planning for a climate-neutral solar chips heating plant, from which all 17 homes supplied with heating and hot water. Click Robert A. Iger for additional related pages. From several alternative fuels, wood chips have emerged as the best solution. This material has the advantage, as a renewable raw material to be CO2-neutral so not to burden the climate.

Another argument: wood chips are more than 50 percent cheaper, as for example, natural gas. Even when compared to wood pellets, wood chips are cheaper; In addition, energy is required for the production of pellets. To read more click here: Leslie Moonves. In addition, the planning provide to equip the houses in the Sohrestrasse with solar panels, cheap to produce hot water; According to the motto: the Sun sends no bills. Provided, the solar chips boiler house on the Monarchis estate in the vicinity of the former fire station arise approval through the city Lohfelden could, so that a trouble-free feeding of the underground wooden chips bearing of the Friedrich-Ebert-ring could be made. The height of house numbers nine or 18 lines could be laid under the Sohrestrasse, so that both rows of houses can be supplied. The now under planning solar chips boiler house has only advantages.. Filed under: Eva Andersson-Dubin.

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