Energy Planning Policies

South Africa

However, the emergent countries of the G5 (Brazil, Mexico, India, China and South Africa) observed the one necessity responsibility shared equitable against the global heating and that the G8 must determine objectives nearer, like trimming his emissions in 2020 between a 25% and a 40% with respect to its levels of 1990. It indicates in addition the source of intelligence used , that the NGO environmental criticized that the president of the USA George Bush, it had blocked all advance on global heating, with the aid of Canada, Greenpace and it affirmed that the G8 has an attitude of little responsibility, against the challenge of the climatic change, and that the agreements reached on the matter evidences that those countries they give the back once again to the world. It is possible to emphasize that, Oxfam the International on the other hand, it is sorry that the countries of the G8 have not made specific their objectives to reduce the gas discharge responsible for the global heating in their agreement on climatic change. Is dissapointing that some members of the G-8, including the world-wide leader in contamination, the EE.UU, have not signed specific objectives, not even an indicative objective of stabilization of the global heating, during the celebrated summit this in Germany. This means that it will not work to maintain process of global heating below 2 C, which implies that the climatic change will continue devastating the poor countries and seriously jeopardizing the fight against the poverty, commented as it Antonio Hill, climatic person in charge of political incidence however of the organization. The bases in the agreement announced by the G8 establish to work jointly in the process abierto by United Nations and to complete until the year the 2009 negotiations for the agreement post Kyoto that will prevail from 2012 within the multilateral frame of United Nations; to consider the commitments of the European Union, Japan and Canada to trim in a 50% the gas discharges until 2050; to establish cuts of substantial emissions for all the members of the G-8 without specifying the concrete objectives of reduction of gas discharge of EE.UU and Russia; and absence in a unanimous agreement in relation to limiting the global heating below 2C. .

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