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Stunning Swan Lake

Haptic experience effects that are visually enhanced with bold colors, are now in the wedding card () in: cards with lace or lush floral motifs of roses, tulips and Freesias about impress the recipient. Some patterns, dark orange-red, turquoise blue, Fuchsia, Brown or black, provide the backdrop for expressive ornaments and swirly logo embossing. The collections of napkin rings are lavishly produced and simply something else, weddix invitation -, table -, menu and thank you cards with die-cut motifs – a fairytale series with butterflies offers here. Speaking candidly Old Navy told us the story. “Our individual labels, styling, and addresses for the envelopes as pressure can be ordered”, Sylke what a relief, if the number of guests or to invite the right is high man, Managing Director of -. Stunning Swan Lake models with feathers and sweeping skirts dominate the wedding fashion. Flirts with striking details in red–the groom chooses a handkerchief or a tie in the same color – or fine Tip: Kate Middleton has knighted this trend.

Also however, an extravagant babydoll gown – fits especially when it is worked in a vintage style candy wedding. Daring to be lead in a seductive full lace dress or a dramatic robe with bombastic layers of tulle at the altar this can be kept in a red-black combination. Good old Hollywood pretends the Accessories: long gloves, fur boleros, Tiaras and lace umbrellas. And the Clou: wife surprises with colored shoes. With so much glitz and glamour, also the groom may become extravagant: in velvet or shiny fabrics with subtle or provocative prints like Leopard pattern are. The cuts: In the frock coat, waistcoat and tails, he makes the best figure next to his bride. Such a theme wedding needs a worthy framework: “Germany is richly blessed with pompous and extravagant halls, registry offices and churches”, Sylke know man, because your Web site runs an extensive wedding Locationguide in Germany and abroad.

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