Energy Planning Policies

Summit Ridge

With sincerity, without the fear-soaked jacket of marketing the sales strategists. Is it not about how I of the input and failure in situations myself stay and win new power and movement of the crumbling old? So grandiose failure as possibly perspective instructional opportunity? Learn to fail gloriously! Terrific! Not complaining sorry, guilty introspective. Terrific, because I’ve done an absolute maximum, given everything. Passionate hochromantisch”. To the maximum extent.

Only splendid acting can fail gloriously. Failing as a celebrated highlight there where and when in the Camus’schen image stone of Sisyphus reaches the Summit Ridge just its physical nature to need to roll back. Course: the role manages only and only in the failure. Life is a failure. The failure is a great show of failure, just as life itself in the face of death. Learn to fail gloriously!” Because in life but only the championed adventure of failure”. (“Quote from Vogue, September 2008, by Pierre Rigaud guided conversation between Malcolm McLaren and Sam Keller, Director of Art Basel, real avant-garde, true anarchy and a grandiose adventure called failure”).

With this slogan has an extremely successful Manager of the last 3 decades described his strategy. “It was Malcolm McLaren, the Manager of the famous punk rock band the sex pistols, singer, Existentialist (sic!), fashion designer and partner of designer Vivienne Westwood and many other more tirelessly successful” and always when a shop just once well in his time of the shops, he closed it again. Customer loyalty is. In the next opened shop, he had no fear, a greyish-green carpet of mud – make no mention – on the heels of its streaming customers of the red. But please you worry now I will resist the temptation and nothing muddy promise in the future. I will promise that nothing at all. No mud recipes, even no. Talk also no voice recipes either way and they will win or fail accordingly no slip of the tongue recipes: let v r talk is not training, s p r c h n maybe – to what extent and why are we still check.

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