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The training time will be in about the same proportion because they swim faster and farther. For example, the first month can swim 1000 meters in twenty minutes. It will the second month in 18 minutes. The third month may drop to 17 or 16.30. Details can be found by clicking Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City or emailing the administrator. This saves time and can swim more meters or simply end earlier. The following table offer training in the first month Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Calent: 200 Calent: 250 Calent: 500 30 200 2a-3a-a a 300 30 2a-500 To explain this: Warm up: 200 meters. That can make sections of style, kicking, spinning or exercises.

Objective: To increase the pulse rate and prepare the muscles for the following years. Example: 200 m warm up (25 kick butterfly, 25 butterfly, kick back 25, 25 backstroke, 25 breast kick, 25 breaststroke, 25 free kick 25 freestyle. This warming can be extended in length. For example: 50 butterfly, butterfly leg 50, 50 backstroke, 50 and kick back and extend it to 400 or 1000 meters. It should not tiring, but only do so seeking technical and muscle tone. For the 1000 meters in a row can also make combinations.

1000 meters: 2A-500 with 30 seconds rest. 100 free, 50 leg breast, 100 back, chest, leg 50, 100 breast, 50 back leg, 50 leg butterfly. Another combination: 200 free, 50 free kick, 200 back, 50 kick back, 200 breast, 50 breast kick, 200 butterfly, butterfly kick 50. Do not be afraid to combine different exercises to your liking. The important thing is not to violate the principles of light aerobic endurance training: under 150 beats per minute, keep swimming for over 20 minutes at least and try to reach at least 2000 meters in total. Achieving this we are working on our goal: to lose weight. Not complying with these principles we will never tire, we will lose time and money and our results will be poor. The next week should increase the volume swum. For example it could be. Week 1: Initial volume not very high, to get used to. 1200 m a ” Wednesday / 1050 m a “Viernes/1200 m (according to the table above) Week 2: Increased volume and 1500 m swim time a ” Wednesday / 1600 m a “Exercise can Viernes/1500 m be similar, but the goal should be kept: Increased time and volume of swim below 150 beats per minute and try to reach a total limit of 2000 meters in a work session. This, with a little training, can be done in less than 40 minutes comfortably. Analyzing this in detail and going over you can make their own workouts to lose weight. When you reach three months and the goal of 2000 meters per day begin to lose weight significantly, so you do not have many concerns about diet. You can eat almost anything you want, your doctor visits will decline significantly and his whole body will benefit greatly. If you also want our help, for only $ 15 a month can offer you, until you’re already willing to take their own training. To do this you can write in our contact section to the subject inscrpcion training course or subscribe directly e: Entreanamiento customized.

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