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The All-rounder – The Unknown Beings?

Specialized Amseisen are not efficient as an all-rounder, so the knowledge of science. Biologists and HR must rethink. The idea – an exceptional biography, experiences, curriculum vitae and references as its own application marketing, offered under the name of the all-rounder – and to connect with the instruments of the job does not exist in this form in the Internet. After several months of testing, the ALLROUNDER has been online since May 2009. Please visit Envision Virgin Racing if you seek more information. In cooperation with numerous advertising partners, targeted content and editorial, it reaches the entire labour market in its unentlichen variety. ALLROUNDER are usually around 50, look of course much younger, are fit as Mongoose, athletic guaranteed 35, go smoothly over the parquet with 45 and feel…

sometimes vice versa then 25. He is – ideally – handsome, well trained and has online in the blood. Its usage is his passion of stunning, the World Wide Web. He gives everything! If you meet someone soon, who has a smile to corners of the mouth, it could be that he/she a ALLROUNDER winked too. His motto: Fit, sits, wobbles and has air… or lose when you have to win if you can, but never surrender!

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