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The Cause is Food

But to address this condition and that registration should take certain ideas, inescapable. Without them, the regression can be transformed into something traumatic. Before you try any regression technique to other lives, it is necessary to meditate on the following fundamental concepts for a smooth experience. Law of cause and effect: It is a universal law that meets permanently. Every effect has a home for more casu matter how small. Often we confuse the effect with cause, and it is not.

In allopathic medicine, currently, this concept is often confused. In it, is all the frustration of scientific research in the treatment of diseases. For example, the hypertension is not a cause, an effect of food deficiency, and food deficiency is induced by incorrect posture mainly in food and the concepts that stress our daily life. Any conflict link, or psychological or social condition has a cause. Many times the cause is an option we incorrectly treated. Sometimes a wound from a battle leaves its mark over time, the skin of the new body that we take. For example, spots on the body, may be the remains of etheric records of injuries suffered in past lives. A current ratio in sensitive, may be the continuation of an unresolved problem in the past of a couple lived in another time.

Also causes become effects, and can multiply. Karma: Unresolved issues in life, become debts for a living present. Issues, relationships, work for his neighbor, learning, emotional, etc. That's karma, a pending matter that we can always negotiate.

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