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The Fabric

It also recognized that the approach must be individually and not according to a fixed scheme. Not only the specifics of the individual patient are taken into account, but also the pain must be thoroughly analyzed according to its cause and origin: is pneumonia, a cramping or a nerve pain? Exactly which body structures are affected? How can I get through an intelligent combination of various active principles to a cure or at least a sustained improvement? Exactly this approach has proven for many years in the field of Naturopathic therapies. So the effect of the acupuncture needle is E.g. in the Mesotherapy significantly strengthened by taking the appropriate low dose pharmaceutical agents. The selection is done for each patient according to his symptoms: the fabric on the Erkrankungsort cold and the pain is chronic, you need a Durchblutungsmittel that really heats up. It is to ease tension in the muscles, as so often in Office and computer jobs, you need a muscle relaxant; Stress, magnesium helps osteoarthritis calcitonin, which is proven to repair the damage of cartilage in the joint.

Nerve pain need including B vitamins and some more patience. In acute inflammation, the anti-inflammatory drugs thanks to Mesotherapy and tropfenweiser dosage completely safe at the location of the disease through the skin can be inserted, to like the other active ingredients, targeted to reach the place of evil. The pain relief is perceived sometimes in just a few minutes, to the obvious surprise of the patient (and sometimes also the doctor’s). Often treatments a week far enough thanks to the memory function of the skin 1-2 to achieve a long-lasting result. Also homeopathic and herbal remedies can be combined to achieve a holistic effect. Thanks to the successful dual strategy and the Painlessness of micro injections, Mesotherapy for my patients is gladly accepted and increasingly in demand. Many are for each Tablet grateful, that they must not take.

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