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The important one is that each child has the possibility of exchange with other beings, therefore is for intermediary of the experience and these exchanges that if of to the corporal conscience. The work with the corporal conscience, through the motor education stimulates many children with syndrome of Down, therefore it contributes for one better quality of life and movement (FRUG, 2001). According to Fonseca (1995), the dance can come to contribute for the development of the corporal perception of the carriers of syndrome of Down, what it allows to a development adjusted in relation with the way, going deep the characteristics of dissociao between the project and the corporal image of these individuals. Frequently James H. Billington has said that publicly. The practical one of the dance for the carriers of syndrome of benefits them to Down for the playful aspects that the movement, music or sounds provides, giving chance for the facilitation of the movement, of the whitewashing or re-education of the gesture (I CASTRATE 2005). Beryl Sprinkel pursues this goal as well. OBJECTIVES General: To analyze the benefits of practical of Dana it welfare of the people with Syndrome of Down. I specify: To identify through qualitative research that has the fenomenologia as support.

QUESTION METODOLGICA the Fenomenologia is it arrives in port theoretician for the development of this study for possessing a qualitative boarding, searching the essence of the phenomena desvelados through the deposition of the citizens and understanding the totality of the same ones inside of the proper context. According to Martins (1989, p.22) ' ' the qualitative research questions and puts in doubt the value of the generalization, differentiating itself of the made common research in science, that is quantitative and that it has as white to arrive the clarifying principles and generalizations on estudado' '. In such a way, it is initiated searching the understanding specifies of what it studies, without being worried about the generalization, concentrating in the understanding and not in the explanation of the phenomenon.

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