Energy Planning Policies

The Outsourcing

Once again, the incapacity to find a job means the impossibility to buy houses, and to spend money. When people do not buy, the companies that produce the things and as result does not make money, and this can generate that the companies decide to contract works of Outsourcing to make the things of a much more cheap form. Who support the Outsourcing says that the reduction of the expenses in the companies helps to create jobs. There is a pile of governmental agencies that use services of Outsourcing, saving million dollars, a direct influence on the economy of EE.UU and in the federal cost. A common theory maintains that the possibility of paying the people with low wages by a work means that the companies will be able to produce things with less expenses and to transfer this saving to the consumers. The reduction of the prices can mean a greater cost from the consumers and the companies will be able to contract more workers in the EE.UU. In addition, many maintain that to less give use to the workers in the developed countries it improves his economic situation and the commerce for EE.UU products increases. Also it increases the capacity of a country to pay his debts to the EE.UU., and can promote better political relations.

The companies benefit economically with the sale from his products in other countries. This means that they can contract more people in the EE.UU., and lower his prices in products for the EE.UU consumers. All the people in other countries do not benefit economically from the Outsourcing and some companies are not dedicated to provide optimal conditions of work. Many of those subcontracted works are realised by children, or adult people in cruel conditions of work. The abuses of the foreign workers cannot benefit from the commerce of EE.UU or the political relations. The Outsourcing continues being a difficult subject, but they continue it using.

Practically nobody, in any aspect recognizes that the Outsourcing it can be eliminated completely. There are some who feel that the companies are making some type of evasion of taxes and prevail to the money government that is needed, in addition these same companies are in charge to suggest to others the hiring to them of services of Outsourcing, and to compensate them by the maintenance of jobs within the EE.UU. Others feel that the loss weather of jobs will be followed by a greater economic growth in the EE.UU and in last instance, the cost will be worth the pain.

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