Energy Planning Policies

The Physicist

He is necessarily in the assimilation of the communications of the others that the first degree of the direct knowledge inhabits. Xfinity X1 often says this. The disciple must not believe, and yes, think about everything what she will be presented to it. To take ownership of the knowledge we must be intent, accessible and to leave that the things we if present. A well prepared disciple for the learning, vibrating in unison with its master, will get of it, more teachings of what the same she makes use in its prelees. That one that will be ready for the learning, will answer, immediately, to the teachings therefore that, already it meets developed the sufficient for such.

Of – what he asks for yourself: exhortations, teachings or explanations; however it must be had the care of if preventing the useless quarrels. When we argue forcing a teaching, we force the mind of the apprentice we compel and it to swallow a food that still it is indigesto. The food of the younglings must be delicate in agreement its constitution. To the one in them to introduce in the studies of the magic and ocultismo, we lose the protection that the ignorance offers in them. A Spirit, without the coarse body, feels the emotions with sufficient intensity and can be overwhelmd in this point. As to remain itself in the power. to 1Evitar quarrels useless fools and, to accumulate energy; to 2Dormir early; to 3Ficar and to remain in the disposal of attention to the thought to dominate any minds that if to insinuate into its; to 4Trazer for the experimental sensation of the physicist, the domain theories that are of its knowledge; to 5Assistir the films that the power and the domain stimulate and to look the identification with the personage who represents the force that such sensation incarnates; to 6Evitar if to involve with the comedy human being and to remain themselves as observing; to 7Estimular the increase of sensitivity and to obtain the control of the same one; to 8Alimentar itself correctly and duly; to 9Habituar it the techniques of meditation for the concentration of forces.

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