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“Eva Gabriel new therapy concept published individual adult education through psychotherapy Oberhausen, 16.03.2010 – the adult education and psychotherapy practice community” in Oberhausen, a new treatment concept presented in March 2010. The client is assisted in contrast to conventional methods here, to consider his concerns before his personal world and attitude to people and to solve. In other TherPien the worldview of the therapist is imposed on, however, under certain circumstances. This theoretical concept was developed by the alternative medical practitioner for psychotherapy, Eva Gabriel (52) from Oberhausen. Self experiences of the therapist with traditional psychotherapy approaches were cause for this. Together with Eva Breslein (32, Naturopath for psychotherapy) she developed a psychotherapeutic process on the basis of this concept, both now successfully used in their practice. Is a client in the practice, will be first in a personal DIScuss with him developed, whether the listed by above Concerns resulting from a too strong or too weak distinctive aspect of personality. An aspect of the personality can be for example the gender identity as a man or woman, sexual preference or even faith – or ego-centeredness etc..

Personality aspects developed at weak therapists go to the bottom-up method”, i.e., the client remembers only biographical events, are thematically tied to this one aspect (that’s why therapy of aspect of!). This previously undeveloped aspect adjusts in 10 to 15 sessions the present state of development of overall personality. The client is supported at the top-down method”, an overdeveloped personality aspect to proper size, i.e., on the other development of overall personality, to recede. Previously, excessive demands on himself prevented an adequate perception of self. In both cases, the client as a self-determined person will and taken seriously and not tampered with. The therapy of aspect of is a therapy offer people who want to make exactly the mental work in the fast-moving presence which is fundamentally to move forward with regard to their cause.

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