Energy Planning Policies

Time – The Main Value !

Part 1. Where does the time hitter? Why I decided to pick this topic? Time – this is the only value that was originally there for every person in the same amount, and at the same time, this resource can not be filled. Why do people involved in network marketing? To get money and free time. So why not start correctly use your time right now. Surely, most people are faced with network companies, practitioners traditional method of business development, in which you want to record all who can only remember and in turn to pester him.

Time spent online distributors of most companies is 8-10 hours per week. This schedule allows for 4.5 meetings per week on average, with 3 candidates for the meeting, only about 15 people. According to statistics, 5 out of 10 people is not looking for opportunities to change lives and 3 do not consider network marketing as an option business. As a result, the next step comes with a maximum of 20% or in our case, 3 people. But 80% of the time (8 out of 10 hours) you spent on the unpromising candidates. What's wrong? At such meetings the majority of guests attending with zero information and thinking what it is: – to find a new job (interview) – to drink beer with friends, – to discuss some version of a traditional business. Without hesitation Celina Dubin explained all about the problem. As a result, you spent a lot of his time and took it from people who: a) does not need a business, they do not want to change my life, and b) not interested in online business as such.

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