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Total Immersion

For example, a corporate rate 'Total Immersion' / 'full immersion' company Berlitz indvidualnyh includes 60 lessons per week and a working lunch with the teacher, while during the school day One lesson is conducted with the participation of two teachers – this allows the most natural and efficient simulation of work situations, immersing the student in the language most natural and natural way. Course 'Total Immersion', certainly one of the most expensive, but at the same time, perhaps the most advanced and effective English language course from Creature to date in the world. And in many respects, thanks precisely to the intensity of training. Busy lyudya rarely break away from the cases more than two or three weeks, and because they can not afford to waste time on low-intensity courses. For many business people learning a language in its office or, more so on yazykkovyh courses of 4-6 hours per week seems a little useful, or even improbable vsilu a busy schedule. In this case, two or three weeks once or twice a year – the maximum that they can afford to spend on improving English language skills. In this case, two or three weeks should be used on a maximum! To make significant inroads in such a short period spurt must be really serious, that is, short training should be an opportunity for the maximum intensity. And the creators of the course 'Total Immertion' very well aware of this. However, such intense pressure – to 60 individual lessons per week (currently it is not about the cost of the course and possibilities of perception) is difficult to sustain for a long time: 2-4 weeks is the typical duration of training under the program 'Total Immersion'.

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