Energy Planning Policies

Trinational Summit

Yes, the rhetoric of the bulldozer in the dismantling just as the reposicionamiento of the bases civic, democratic and military in Latin America. To happen of the confidence to a supposed certainty with some Friendly appreciations of the Three is in order to occur of blows on the head against a wall of vaguenesses that have only been hung in perdibles pins that Canada, the EU and Mexico will be replacing and hanging of sprout until the wall of vaguenesses reveals if they will be concrete vaguenesses with impositions and actions in relation to the TLC, the migratory reform and the drug trafficking, and in as much it prevails the notion of the EU enemies, the terrorism of The Qaeda, the narcoterrorism of the crimes, the arms and the drugs do to him to Obama and Harper which the narcotics detective of Dimas, suspiciously and very mediatically, wanted to him to do to Caldern: to attempt against its life. Yes, the rhetoric of the mediatic thing as a way to simulate and to turn aside the attention as far as the temporary and sexenal failure in the Trinational Summit of the North in Guanatos, Felipe Caldern. Yes, the things will follow worse equal or in the country of shades that is Mexico, because never peorvenir been it has based on the friendship, in solidarity and the worthy human respect between nations: they are the interests and the rhetoric of the political leaders of today who are not to the service of the construction nor of the conservation. And with this last one, the possibility of a radical change to leave the poverty and the hunger, will continue being a passive containment or an active mobilization? Thus, in the distrust like in the uncertainty, which is peorvenir it is of the trinational competition of Obama, Harper and Caldern or of the national concern ours? If too much irresponsibility has all on the part of the all politician and of social who does not fit us more in the imaginary Mexican group that with the foreign competition by outside and the concern ours on the inside, to the country, we pruned to remove it to medium terms from the shades that we ourself we have imposed to him with the carelessness of the indifference and with the carelessness of the indolencia which as much we celebrated in the Angel of the Independence or that as much we vomited below the tables, seeing us and criticizing to us who knows since feelings of the pissed nation that lies postroad and in monuments of the injustice and in statues of the social inequality, because if something exceeds to us it is the freedom with the corruption and impunity.

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