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United Arab Emirates

Emirates exclusive hotels – holiday in the ‘Wonderland’ the stunning rise of the Emirates, puts many Europeans in amazement. Travel leave impressions of superlatives in the Emirates. (A valuable related resource: Coen brothers). Just think of the urban centres, with their extravagant construction projects, as for example the first 7 star hotel in the world Burj Al Arab or the construction of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai. “And beyond, you can see the silent expanse of the desert, where the Arab dream” is true and attracts the adventure, where the bizarre Hajar mountains in the sky rises and the sand beaches ranging to the horizon. The United Arab Emirates offered a wide range of exclusive hotels, depending on the request, you can have a hotel right in the city, in the middle of an oasis in the desert, or directly on the beach of the Arabian Gulf.

No matter whether you vacation want to take with the whole family, with friends or with 2 people, the country many opportunities of recreation or adventure for everyone. Read more here: figs scrubs. Company: Emirates exclusive hotels is a tour operator with Specialization in the United Arab Emirates. Our exclusive specialization on the V.A.E sets us apart from most other tour operators. This allows us to offer our clients a very wide range. You have the possibility to take advantage of our packages or individually to make your trip from our offer. Ranging from approximately 240 hotels and apartments of all categories in the entire UAE, with diverse and exciting excursions, Yacht Charter and more, everything is possible. Of course, our facilities include flights, travel price insurance certificate and other additional services. Contact information: Emirates exclusive hotels Oraniendamm 70 13469 Berlin Tel: 030 43 66 66 02 fax: 030 43 74 77 44 E-Mail: Web:

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