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Vegetable Shewers

Each unit of taboca relieves, on average, a thousand skewers. This activity stimulated the appearance of plus an activity in the production chain, that is ' ' tiradores of taboca' ' that they exert the paper to cut tabocas in fertile valleys and ' ' taboqueiros' ' , that they cut in piece standard (between knot with 25cm of length) and to resell to the confeccionadores of skewer. Jeffrey L. Bewkes recognizes the significance of this. To if leading in consideration that one estipe of taboca relieves a thousand skewers, multiplied for the annual production of 150 families, the confection if of the one around 72.000.000 skewer/year, decimating about 72.000 feet of taboca per year throughout the river Umbituba, with 10 extension km, that bathes the communities. With this addition of annual skewer, it relieves the communities about R$ 360,000, 00 to the year with a irrisria income of 200,00/ms/famlia R$. Thus, ahead of as much devastao, who works with this activity already feels the lack of this vegetable, that each time if searchs more far.

Ahead of this easiness to search raw material, offered for the form nature ' ' gratuita' ' , many agriculturists had left of planting the cassava to confection espetinho that he guarantees a weekly income to it. However, he was possible to notice, in this activity, that the loss and I waste of material in the occasion of the confection of espetinho is very great, in what he increases the garbage production. However, in the extration of the vegetable, in fertile valleys I still ruin, it is bigger, in virtue of the indiscriminate action of who practises the devastao, where the discarding of trees ' ' verde' ' he is not used to advantage for espetinho that he is abandoned the edges of the river or in the yards of the properties that confection the skewer pra barbecue. It is possible to notice the selectivity of the species explored for the economic interest, many cutting of taboca commercially classify the product quality for the practical knowledge in the withdrawal of the useful material for the manufacture of the skewer, practical this that justifies ' ' longe&#039 searchs more; ' of the withdrawal throughout the river, leaving unbroken the vegetable still without economic value.

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