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Viola Rudat

“In the Carmelite monastery in Springiersbach on the Moselle, more seminars how professional actions are” work and spirituality “instead. Also on the Tromm, there are offers to spirituality. “The six-part seminar series of God’s beautiful languages” can be in the nature of the Odenwald six great world religions Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and shamanism – personal experience. Lead and recover – values must match the own life Viola Rudat plans and organises the training and further training in the Institute. She recommends to have me time to life the products for women I want feel-good days”, which is held parallel to the adventure seminar for fathers with children. Other leaders such as Houston City Council offer similar insights. For women in leadership and executive positions she finds the seminar not afraid from high animals!”interesting. Here women explore their leadership behaviour in a coaching with horses.

“Leadership live” another seminar with horses is leadership interested in, and Managers, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs men and women find out what you can learn from horses. We deliberately not separate between vocational and personality, because we are convinced that physical and mental health must be accompanied by professional usage, to meet the various requirements. Energy and power can be mobilized only if it goes well and the challenges you can agree with the own values”, Gor fader is convinced. The Odenwald Institute wants to distance, silence, time and leisure for body and spirit allow to draw, to reflect, to learn new and to internalize this. Total at present more than 80 offers recognised as Bildungsurlaub or training certified by the associations. Since 2009, the Odenwald Institute also of Rhineland-Palatinate as a provider of training cheques is recognized. New seminars and training and further training for teachers many seminars are recognized as teacher training. Newly developed educator training program (KOP) for children, a scientifically based yoga training is also offered for adults was to the instructor in the Korperorientierten.

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