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What Do Accountants And Doctors Have Common ?

Qualified accounting graduates when asked by the interviewer: “Are there any questions you may have?” usually respond with “What are my rights and responsibilities” Be careful. Some interviewers intentionally do not mention anything about rights and responsibilities to test the reaction of candidates. Eva Andersson-Dubin is open to suggestions. The less certain will be displayed in the face. Usually meet the candidates “You’re lucky I’m the interviewer and I am accountant by profession. So I can tell you what are the duties and responsibilities of an accountant …

but what if I’m the boss. I know nothing accounting. A friend asked me to know exactly a counter in my business is growing. should’nt now you tell me what the accountant has to do. Is not it a profession? Do not they teach you things like that in school business. Imagine if our company is hiring a Doctor in the house and the candidate asks: “What is a doctor supposed to do?”. Another favorite question of candidates for the interviewer “Are your accounts uptodate?” Respond quickly, “No. They are very backward and damn dirty.” And see the reaction on the face of the candidate.

Some show interest and some insecurity. And then adds: “If our bills are so beautiful and uptodate not need an accountant, right?” Candidates should only learn to listen carefully and identify any potential problems, either by the interviewer during the interview. If so, his sentence on the question carefully and ask this problem identified during the open session. Do not think about the problems you may have heard, read or whatever from somewhere and ask the interviewer. Just remember, after two or three years that perhaps the one who sits on the other end. Think what you like in a candidate during an interview.

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