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With Callback Expensive Roaming Charges Save

Calls from abroad need not be expensive. The telecommunications DCalling the ability to make calls worldwide cheap offers its customers with the callback function. CBS may not feel the same. To use the callback service, only a local landline or a local SIMcard available must be the customer. Now you can select the internationally valid callback phone number 0049-221 997 605 01. The caller is then recalled by DCalling and the desired destination number can enter on the keyboard.

This kind of conversation avoids high roaming costs that would arise through the calls to a German mobile phone abroad. Two connections are built in the callback procedure, so costs for both connections! The costs for the recall and the other of course costs for the actual call. The per-minute rates vary depending on the target of the recall, as well as target of the actual conversation. For example, A customer uses the callback function on Mallorca by a Spanish Landline from used and would like to make phone calls to German landlines. The cost of the recall to Spain totaled 1.90 cents / minute, the call would cost 1.40 cents / minute after Germany.

Overall the price per minute would be so 3.3 cents / minute. For use by DCalling customers must register first for free on the Web page. When registering, the customer gets a little credit, which he can use to try out the DCalling service. Much like prepaid cell phones, no monthly fee or minimum term is required. For more information, visit the site and sign up for free and without obligation. Media contact: DALASON GmbH Berrenrather str. 188 c 50937 Cologne

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