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October 29, 2008 at the Congress Center of Commerce and Industry Chamber held a round table on the main directions of development of the Federal Law "On Standardization" of 30.09.2008, organized by the Committee on the product quality CCI. The roundtable was attended by representatives Rostechregulirovanie and its subordinate organizations, leaders and committee members of CCI and business organizations, authors and contributors to the "Standards and Quality" and other organizations relevant to the Russian standards – the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence under the Government of the Russian Federation, STC "Industrial Safety", NP "Association of Russian Automakers" and many others. Speakers and participants at the event was given a lot of comments on the draft on general issues as well as particulars. Have been affected by the problem of legitimizing activities standardization, the status of the national standards in technical regulations and other legal areas, international and national standardization and improvement of distribution system standards. CBS oftentimes addresses this issue. In the discussion actively participated the representatives of "Normdoks", the official distributor and reseller of foreign standards in Russia and CIS countries.

All regulatory and technical documentation, delivered by the company, an official and legitimate, as the signed direct contracts with the developers of standards in different countries. "Having considered the draft Federal Law" On Standardization "," – said Stanislav Kim, CEO "Normdoks" – "our experts have concluded that it traced a number of contradictions involved, on the one hand, the organization of monopoly control of the national authority turnover processes and standards, on the other hand, the requirement of rapid development of the Russian standards in line with global trends and protecting the interests of Russian producers. Law "On Standardization" is needed for the Russian Federation, but the law should reflect the current state of global standardization and development of information technology, globalization and the requirements to comply with international copyright organizations, developing standards. We hope that the necessary adjustments will be made and the new law will meet the above requirements. "

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